Call for Papers

We welcome the authors across the globe to publish their research papers, empirical reports and reviews on the following emergent and challenging issues in the area of Applied Linguistics in Pakistan Journal of Language Studies (PJLS). PJLS is an annual peer reviewed journal. All the submitted papers are acknowledged quickly and reviewed as rapidly as possible. They are initially scrutinized by the editors who decide whether they meet certain basic standards with respect to their length, presentation, clarity and level of scholarship. The papers that pass through this initial scrutiny are sent out to referees for final selection. We follow double blind peer-review system, every paper is sent for review to national as well as international experts. The reviewers' and authors' identities remain anonymous.

Topics of interest

  1. Corpus Linguistics
  2. World Englishes
  3. Pakistani English
  4. Language Testing & Evaluation
  5. Syntax
  6. Morphology
  7. Systemic Functional Linguistics
  8. Phonetics and Phonology
  9. Lexicology and Lexicography
  10. Discourse Analysis
  11. Semantics
  12. Stylistics
  13. Pragmatics
  14. Anthropological Linguistics
  15. Cognitive Linguistics
  16. Corpus Linguistics
  17. Computational Linguistics
  18. Psycholinguistics
  19. Sociolinguistics
  20. Language Planning
  21. Language Teaching
  22. Language Contact and Language Change
  23. Language Documentation
  24. Language Endangerment
  25. Translation Studies
  26. Language and Gender
  27. Submission Deadline for 2nd Issue: December 30th, 2018.