Authorship Criteria

To be listed as an author for PJLS the authors who consider submitting their manuscript must meet the following criteria:

  • The manuscript they submit must have considerable intellectual contribution to at least one component of the original work in the manuscript under consideration.
  • They must have substantial contribution in proposing, drafting and/or the editing / revising the manuscript.
  • They must be aware that the manuscript has been submitted for publication.
  • The authors must agree that they would be held accountable for any issues related to the correctness and integrity of work.

PJLS has systematized the procedure in such a way that it requires to reach all the authors who want to and has already published their research here. Hence, authors who want to submit their manuscripts must provide PJLS with all the contact information of all the (corresponding and co) authors. It is mandatory for all authors to provide their full (documented) names, affiliations and accurate and latest contact information as has been required in the PJLS rights contract. PJLS does not allow any paper to be published without author name(s), affiliation(s) and contact email.

At the end of paper, before the references, all other contributors can be acknowledged with explicitly described roles, preferably using the roles found in the CASRAI Contributor Roles Taxonomy at