Guidelines for Subscription

All the accepted submissions' (co)authors are required to get an individual subscription of the Journal: Pakistan Journal of Language Studies (PJLS).

The general applicants (i.e. College Libraries) will follow the same process of subscription.

Subscription details are: 

* Bank Draft for "Treasury Office Government College University, Faisalabad"

* Annual Subscription Charges: Rs. 3000/-

* Subscription Period: One year

* Apply for subscription on this email:

Application Criteria:

- Name of Applicant:

- Address:     

- City/Town:

- Country:     

- State/Province:       

- ZIP/Postal code:     

- E-mail:        

- Phone:           

Subscription Benefits

The subscribers will have an access of the published articles of PJLS.

The subscribers will be given an official letter of subscription.

In case of query, do not hesitate to contact us.